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Postponed: Leadership Education Committee Alumni Event

Description This event will be rescheduled; Roundtable discussions led by our peers.
Status Open
Number of Days 1
Start Time 6:00 PM
Begin Date 03/21/2017
End Date 03/21/2017
Early Reg: 03/21/2017

Location information

Location name: CDM Smith
Location phone:
City: Boston
State: MA
Meeting Room:

Event Profile

ACEC/MA Leadership Education Alumni Event  
For Graduates of the Emerging Leaders and Odyssey Programs  
Tuesday,  March  21,  2017  
6:00 - 8:00 PM, @CDM  Smith, 75  State  St,  7th  Floor, Boston,  MA(Bring photo ID)  
ACEC/MA Members: $55, Non Memebers $ 80
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Future Vision: What Do You See?  
A forum for sharing ideas and perspectives on
  • Howwill we help create the future of the engineering profession?
  • How do we see our careers and our firms growing successfully into the nextdecade?
Roundtable discussions led by our peers.  
Reception with appetizers,wine, and beer!    
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Fee: $55 ACEC/MA Member, $80 Non-Member, $55 Public Sector  
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