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February 08, 2018
Session 6 of 9

Location: Babson Executive Conference Center
February 13, 2018
Three carefully designed instructional sessions address key topics identified by firm leaders as vital for the professional with 3-5 years experience

Location: CDM Smith
February 28, 2018
Now in its 19th year, this highly rated seven-session program imparts specific skills and competencies identified by top ACEC/MA CEOs as critical for leadership success.

Location: Waltham Woods Conference Center

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January 24, 2018
Topic: Licensing - Autodesk, Bentley, Microsoft

Location: Burlington , MA
January 26, 2018
Monthly meeting of the ACEC/MA Board

Location: Boston , MA
January 26, 2018
Monthly meeting of the Committee

Location: Boston , MA
January 30, 2018
Join us for a discussion on current energy and environmental issues affecting our firms. This is open to ACEC/MA Members

Location: Boston , MA
January 31, 2018

Location: Boston , MA