Transportation Agencies Liaison Committee (TALC)

ACEC/MA's Transportation Agencies Liaison Committee (TALC) works closely with public transportation agencies to streamline and improve project delivery.


TALC usually meets monthly on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month at lunchtime in Boston.The cost of lunch is hosted by one member firm each month, as assigned by TECET staff, so that each member firm with employees on the TALC list pays for the cost of the sandwich lunch about once every 3-4 years, even if the employees from that firm are not in attendance.


Due to the size of the committee, with about 250 individual members as of May 1, 2017, TALC meeting attendance is limited to one person per ACEC/MA Member Firm, plus ACEC/MA Board members. All TALC member receive emails on transportation issues and are invited to participate in conference calls.  




Filomena Maybury, PE

75 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

Dori Ross, PE
Senior Project Manager
Geocomp Corporation
125 Nagog Park
Acton, MA 01720


Board Liason


Matt A. Card, PE

Vice President

Alfred Benesch & Company

50 Redfield Street

Boston, MA 02122-3630


mcard @




11/14/2017  Improving Transportation Through Research -MassDOT Presentation by Radhameris A. Gómez, PhD, Manager of Research, Office of Transportation Planning, MassDOT
9-19-2017  MBTA  Presentation by Beth Larkin and Andrea d'Amato: Accelerating Capital Delivery:  Streamlining Processes: GEC Consultant Procurement
7-18-2017  Keolis Presentation to TALC
6-21-2017 T4MA Congestion Pricing Pilot Proposal
6-6-2017 MassDOT Office of Transportation Planning (OTP): 
2018 Research Problem Statement Solicitation Form  (Due to MassDOT OTP by 6-23-2017
5-31-2017 MassDOT Highway: Discontinuance of Use of HJ-2 Warning Cluster and HI-3 Abutment Warning Panel Payment Items and Designations in Design Contracts
4-12-2017 MassDOT: Problem Statement/Research Process, presentation by Curtis T. Bradley, Ph.D., Manager of Research, MassDOT: Office of Transportation Planning, Research Section
3-22-2017 MassDOT John Lozada Presentation at TALC: Link
3-21-2017 MBTA Brian Shortsleeve Presentation to Fix Our T: Link

2-15-2017 MBTA Presentation at TALC:

 Jackie DeWolfe, MassDOT Director of Sustainable Mobility: Link

1-18-2017 MBTA Presentations at TALC:

  Horace Cooper, Project Design Scoping:  Link

  Jack Donovan: Quality Assurance:  Link


MassDOT-Highway FFY 2017 STIP List as presented at ACEC/MA TALC - 12/21/2016
MassDOT-Highway Division Construction Cost Estimates Update for ACEC/MA TALC - 12/21/2016
MassDOT-Highway Division Construction Cost Estimates Update for ACEC/MA TALC - 10/26/2016
MassDOT Programmatic Agreement Categorical Exclusion Checklist-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)(8-5-2016)
Example of MassDOT CE Determination Project Narrative - Cohasset 2016
Final MassDOT CIP 2017-2021, as approved by MasssDOT Board 
TALC Presentation by Dave Anderson, MassDOT Highway Deputy Chief Engineer - May 18, 2016 - FFY 2016 STIP ACECMA TALC
TALC Presentation by Isidoro Perez, MassDOT Highway Deputy Administrator- March 23, 2016
BRG Look Back Study prepared for MassDOT in connection with Green Line Extension Cambridge, Somerville and Medford, MA - 12-9-2015, redacted

The MassDOT Highway Division issued a new Engineering Directive to provide guidance regarding the naming, numbering and signing of bicycle routes in Massachusetts.  The new directive is dated 6/17/15 and is available on the MassDOT website:


E-15-001 – Massachusetts Bicycle Route Signing Requirements


This directive supersedes MassHighway Policy Directive P-98-003.

T4MA Presentation on MBTA Fare: 5/27/15 Kristina Egan Presentation at TALC Meeting:  Link 

Massport Presentation: 2/26/14 Luciana Burdi Presentation at TALC Meeting


MBTA Green Line Extension Presentation, 7.18.12:  Link
MBTA Bailout Bill, H 4215:  Link
MBTA Project Controls Policy Manual, Ver.11.07.2011: Link
MassDOT Highway Division Establishes AutoCAD Civil 3D CAD Standards (link)
MassDOT Highway Project Management Section Guide - 12-2011(large pdf)
MassDOT HIghway Project Management Section Guide - part 2 12-2011  (large pdf)




Every Day Counts State Implementation Team Meeting - Team Implementation Plans Presented on 7-14-2011


Every Day Counts:  Planning and Environmental Linkages - Team Implementation Update Presented on 7-14-2011


Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge System (IBS) Technology brochure from FHWA


MBTA CPS (Construction Phase Services) language that the MBTA is now using in professional services scopes of work effective November 15, 2010  (opens a word document in a separate window)


MBTA Standard Terms and Conditions

MassDOT Highway Division Engineering Directives

MassDOT Highway Division Policy Directives 


Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2009 as revised through 7-7-2010, to Chapter 25 and to statutes that relate to Chapter 25  

 - Chapter 25 of the Acts of 2009 created MassDOT


MassDOT Annual Report for Year 1


MassDOT Transportation Reform – Year 1 Report


Next Stop, Masschusetts - November 2010 by MassINC