ACEC/MA Membership Directory

ACEC/MA Membership Directory


The ACEC/MA Membership Directory is divided into two sections:


ACEC/MA Full Member Firms, including Non-Resident Firms


ACEC/MA Affiliate Member Firms



Full membership is open to those firms providing professional engineering or land surveying services, with a PE or PLS as a Principal in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

Non-Resident membership is offered to professional engineering or land surveying firms that meet the qualifications of a Full membership, except that the firm does not maintain an office in Massachusetts or Rhode Island for the practice of professional engineering or land surveying services. The Non-Resident member firm must be a full member of ACEC National and a full member of their state Member Organization.  They can participate on a committee, but they do not have voting rights, and they are not eligible for service on the Board of Directors.


Affiliate membership is for firms that provide professional services (other than engineering and land surveying) or non-professional services that complement the services of ACEC Full Member firms, such as insurance, finance and accounting, construction management, construction, scientific and technology support, etc. Affiliate member firms cannot vote, but may participate in all programs, sit on and chair committees and receive all materials. 

Retired membership is for a retired individual who was active in ACEC/MA for at least five years and was a Principal of a Member Firm that has been ( or was) a Member Firm for at least ten years. The Member Firm must be a member of ACEC/MA or have been a member of ACEC/MA within one year of the applicant submitting his/her application for Retired Membership status. A Retired Member cannot vote in association elections, but can participate in or chair a committee or forum, or may be appointed or nominated by ACEC/MA to represent ACEC/MA on certain public Boards or Commissions. Retired members are not listed in our web directory.