Leadership Education Opportunities

ACEC/MA Leadership Education Opportunities


ACEC/MA offers these courses for engineering, land surveying, architectural and other design professionals to develop their expertise in the business side of our field. The individual courses are geared to different experience levels and often are presented by nationally recognized instructors in a local venue. This allows the participant to stay engaged in his/her work load while building skills. 


GENESISDeveloped for new professionals, this program helps the participant understand the transition from the university to the professional environment.  Basic business fundamentals are presented with a direct application to our industry.  The sessions will focus on business consulting, what it takes to be a professional, and effective communication skills.  

Three 3-hour sessions offered in January  •  Class size:  20  •  $500/individual from ACEC/MA Member Firm

Presenting our technical ideas to varying audiences creates a challenge to professionals at all experience levels.  This course efficiently presents twelve aspects of writing specifically designed for improving the skills of the technical professional.   


One morning session offered each Spring and Fall  •  Class size:  25  •  $200/individual from ACEC/MA Member Firm


This program provides professionals with 8 to 15 years of experience the opportunity to gain additional depth of business understanding.  Individual sessions provide the participants an understanding of government affairs, managing people, economics of practice, business development and strategic planning, contracts and risk management.  A final capstone session allows the participants to apply their new knowledge in a group problem solving session.  Emerging Leaders is the ACEC/MA flagship program with over 10 years of successful graduates.


Seven weekly evening sessions beginning in March  •  Class size:  25  •  $1750/individual from ACEC/MA Member Firm

ODYSSEYLeadership skills are honed in an extended program that helps key firm members understand the values and interpersonal responses of themselves and others.    Participants with 10 or more years of experience learn how to better communicate with and motivate those we work with, in both our day to day operations and in conflict.  
Eight monthly full day sessions beginning in October  •  One Individual Session in November • Class size:  20  •  $5000/individual from ACEC/MA Member Firm

The growth and success of our industry lies in the effectiveness of our firm leaders.  The Everest Senior Leadership Round Table offers an opportunity for firm leaders to learn with their peers in a facilitated and productive environment.  The benefits of such peer interaction, as well as sharing and listening to best practice ideas, can lead to substantial improvements in the operation, quality, and culture of our design firms.


One evening session offered each Spring and Fall in Boston  •  Class size:  20  •  $200/individual from ACEC/MA Member Firm

In addition, ACEC/MA may offer this session separately in other region of Massachusetts and Rhode Islan


ACEC/MA may offer Professional Development Hours (PDHs), which may be accepted as part of the continuing education requirement for professional license renewal in certain states. Prices are shown for ACEC/MA member firms and are subject to change on an annual basis. If your firm is an ACEC/MA member, you are a member. Non-member rates are higher. See course registration documents for details on PDH credit and pricing.