Hiring A Consulting Engineer


When you need a consulting engineer.....

Engineering costs are typically less than 1% of the life cycle costs of a capital project, but the quality of these decisions can determine the value, life span, and efficiency of the other 99 percent.


Adding a consulting engineer to your project team allows you to bring in specialized expertise that can make a significant difference to the success of your project.  A consultant can also provide a depth of resources that lets you expedite projects, freeing up in-house staff as needed for critical oversight and management functions.


Choose an ACEC/MA Member Firm
Selecting the right consulting engineer partner for your specific need is a vital decision. By choosing a member firm of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (ACEC/MA) for your team, you know that you are joining forces with a firm that is committed to ethical engineering practices with key professional staff who are licensed to provide engineering services.  ACEC/MA is a non-profit organization established in 1960 to maintain high professional standards in the industry.


ACEC/MA members receive current information about industry issues and have access to a wide range of seminars and publications that promote professional development.  Some firms also benefit from access to insurance programs.  All firms, through their ACEC/MA membership, demonstrate a sense of responsibility and commitment to their profession.


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