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Engineering is everywhere! When we say “Go figure,” we mean that literally everything you see and use comes initially from the efforts of engineering.  From medical devices and modes of transportation, to energy and construction, from toasters and iPhones to bridges and dams, engineering is all around us.  In fact, most of the essentials that make our lives safer, more productive and more enjoyable are products of engineering.  
Engineers play a key role in our society. Engineers are innately curious, trying to determine how things work.  Engineers acknowledge what people want and then find the best way to provide it.  It doesn’t matter how basic or complex a problem – engineers deliver creative solutions to our everyday challenges. 
We are the Massachusetts member organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC/MA). Our mission is to raise awareness of the contributions engineering brings to our world. Our #EngineeringGoFigure campaign not only seeks to raise awareness to the engineers in our midst, but to attract more young people to the exciting, stimulating and lucrative field of engineering.
Engineering has been called the marriage of science and mathematics.  If you add innovation and resourcefulness to that union, you’ll discover why engineers see the world not only as it should be, but as it could be.