How To Participate in ACEC/MA

ACEC/MA Committees and Forums promote legislation and regulations to enhance the business of engineering; identify industry best practices; review business products and services that benefit Member Firms; and oversee ACEC programs.
With 16 different committees and business practice forums, there’s a place for everyone to get involved.
Attend and/or encourage people in your firm to attend ACEC/MA Programs and Member Briefings. These offer great networking and educational opportunities. See our Calendar for these upcoming events.
Encourage and recruit appropriate people in your firm to attend ACEC/MA’s Leadership Education Programs.
Attend and encourage people in your firm to attend Engineers and Land Surveyors Day at the State House (In May).  This yearly event provides the opportunity to meet with your state legislators and let them know what issues are important to our industry.
On the ACEC national level:
ACEC Committees promote legislation and regulations to enhance the business of engineering; identify industry best practices; review business products and services that benefit Member Firms; and oversee ACEC programs.
ACEC Coalitions are communities of ACEC members organized by practice area or firm size, dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing a range of practical, day-to-day resources to enhance your business.
ACEC Forums/Councils give member firm employees with specific functional responsibilities the opportunity to network with their peers nationwide through workshops, roundtable discussions, educational meetings, newsletters, and other events.
ACEC is a federation of 52 State/Regional Organizations that provide many of the same opportunities for participation on the state and local level.
ACEC hosts more than 100 online Communities, including communities for Committee, Coalition and Forum/Council members. To join a community, first join the committee. Click here to view the list of ACEC national committees.


About ACEC/Massachusetts

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (ACEC/MA) is the business association of the Massachusetts engineering industry, representing over 110 independent engineering, A/E and land surveying companies engaged in the development of transportation, environmental, industrial, and other infrastructure.  Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Boston, MA, ACEC/MA is a member organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) based in Washington, DC.  ACEC is a national federation of 51 state and regional organizations.


With the support of our member firms, ACEC/MA works to protect and promote your business. ACEC/MA's work with state leaders, legislators and with state agencies has led to the following recent victories.


Summer 2016: 


Massachusetts Agencies

  • Effective April 15, 2016, the MBTA stopped holding retainage on all professional services contracts. This change in MBTA policy is great example of how ACEC/MA’s partnering work with public agencies improves and streamlines project delivery for public agency clients and the engineering & design community. 
  • Our ACEC/MA DCAMM Partnering Committee met with the Division of Capital Asset Maintenance and Management Deputy Commissioner and key staff to discuss procurement of geotechnical and land surveying services when they are not part of the original scope of work. 
  • ACEC/MA’s Energy and Environmental Affairs Committee (EEAC) held a successful Member Briefing on proposed regulatory changes to the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust and Infiltration/Inflow requirements resulting from changes to 314 CMR 12.
  • ACEC/MA’s Transportation Agency Liaison Committee (TALC) public agency partnering groups are meeting with MassDOT Highway, MBTA and Massport on a range of issues to help agencies streamline project delivery.
Legislative and Regulatory
  • ACEC/MA’s Building Engineering Committee (BEC) continues to advocate for changes to draft regulations proposed by the Board of Registration of Architects that would adversely impact A&E firms operating in Massachusetts.
  • ACEC/MA continues to serve on the Massachusetts Climate Change Coalition, which is supporting SB2121, An Act relative to 2030 and 2040 emissions benchmarks, which includes the Comprehensive Adaptation Management Plan (CAMP) language.  This bill would require the Commonwealth to use the best science to assess public safety, health and economic vulnerabilities; develop an integrated plan to manage climate change impacts, informed by public-private stakeholders; create two new programs to protect coastal areas and support regional and local planning (using existing resources); and ensure that state policy is consistent with "Smart Climate" science and practices.
  • ACEC/MA continues to support or oppose Massachusetts Senate and House bills that affect our industry.
  • ACEC/MA leaders met with the Massachusetts Congressional delegation in Washington, DC, during ACEC’s Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, advocating for infrastructure funding for transportation, energy and water.


Professional Practice
  • ACEC/MA honored 35 outstanding engineering projects and several leaders at our 2017 Engineering Excellence and Awards Gala, hosted by co-emcees DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone and DCR Commissioner Leo Roy. In addition, the ACEC/MA Education Corporation awarded a scholarship to an engineering student.
  • ACEC/MA’s 2017 Emerging Leaders Program for firm employees with 8-15 years of experience sold out and graduated the Class of 2017. 
  • ACEC/MA held a successful State Markets Conference and a breakfast on Automated Vehicles: State of the Practice and Implications for State DOTs.
  • Our October 2017 Effective Writing Program at GZA sold out.  Plans are underway for our spring session at GEI Consultants.
  • Registration is now open for several  upcoming programs.