ACEC/MA Leaders Meet with US Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts)

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ACEC/MA Leaders met with Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) on December 15 at ACEC/MA HQ, The Engineering Center in Boston.

From Left: 

Front Row:  Dawn Connelly (Green International Affiliates, ACEC/MA Board Director), Matt Card (Alfred Benesh, ACEC/MA Board Director), Mike Walsh (CDM Smith, ACEC/MA President-Elect), Mike Scipione (Weston & Sampson, ACEC/MA President), Filomena Maybury (WSP, ACEC/MA TALC Co-Chair + Board Director), Mark Bartlett (Stantec, ACEC/MA Past-President)

Middle Row: Jen Howe (SMMA, ACEC/MA Vice President), Allison Hopkins ( Tetra Tech, ACEC/MA Communication Comm Co-Chair), Robin Greenleaf (Architectural Engineers, Inc, ACEC PAC Trustee), Joanne Linowes (Linowes Executive Development Institute, Leadership Education Comm Co-Chair), Senator Ed Markey, Natalia Savatic (ACEC/MA Membership Associate, TECET staff), Abbie Goodman  (ACEC/MA Executive Director, TECET External Affairs Chief)

Back Row: Gerry Preble (Beals & Thomas, ACEC/MA Private Sector Comm Co-Chair), Elizabeth Tyminski (ACEC/MA Director of Finance and Ops, TECET Executive Director), Scott Miller (Haley and Ward, ACEC/MA Board Director) David Vivilecchia (VHB, ACEC/MA Treasurer), Joel Goodmonson (Architectural Engineers, Inc., ACEC National Senior Vice Chair), Charlie Russo (SGH, ACEC/MA Board Director), Dan Tenney (Weston & Sampson, ACEC/MA Building Eng Comm Co-Chair), Nick Ferzacca (Architectural Engineers, Inc, ACEC/MA Board Director, ACEC/MA Building Eng Comm Co-Chair) Not pictured but on Zoom:  David Pinsky (Tighe & Bond, ACEC/MA Board Director)