ACEC/MA Insights - Winter 2013

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Highlights of This Issue:

Feature Article:

Tax Incentives for A/E Firms

Understanding tax incentives is more important than ever for A/E Firms



Design Professionals Practices, Projects and Professional Liability Risks

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?


Where Is Professional Engineering Licensure Going?
Exploring proposed initiatives to revise requirements for professional licensure


The View From Campus
What’s Happening in Engineering Education


Where Are All the Building Engineers?
The challenge of recruiting young engineers to the building design profession


Choosing a Career in Building Engineering
An electrical engineer in the building industry


Doing Business Internationally
Improve your odds of success working internationally


A Global Workplace: One Engineer's Experience
Combining engineering skills and love of travel


Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk
Professional liability issues for consulting engineers



  • Legislature Makes Three Changes to Wetlands Protection Act
  • Impact of National Compensation Matrix on MassDOT’s Auditing Requirements
  • Post-Election Wrap-up
  • What Is Quality Environmental Documentation?
  • ACEC/MA Government Affairs and Related News


  • President’s Message
  • What Has ACEC/MA Done for You Lately?
  • News and Notes
  • New Members
  • Upcoming Events--Save the Date - Our events planned for January and beyond.

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