ACEC/MA Insights - Winter 2012

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Highlights of This Issue:

President’s Message
Mary Hall gives a mid-year update on ACEC/MA’s activities this year.


Employer of Choice

Being an Employer of Choice can help a company stay competitive in a good economy and stand out and thrive in a weak economy.


Dam Removal:  Opportunities and Benefits

The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts discusses how removing dams can help engineering firms to enhance public safety, the economy, and the environment.


Federal Contract Compliance:  Tips, Tricks and Temptation

This is the second in a series on the challenges and opportunities of consulting to the U.S. government for engineering projects. 


Integrating Business Development and Project Management

Meet with your clients about both a current project and a potential project.  Here are some examples to use.


The Big Picture--Health Care Reform

What should your firm be doing now to prepare for the next phase of federal health care reform? 


QBS: Where We Stand

When procurement rules act to limit compensation....the right person for the job can't afford to pursue it.  We can educate and inform our clients and the industry at large about why Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) does make a difference.


Congress Passes 3 Percent Mandate Repeal

Congress overwhelmingly approved a law, signed by the President, to repeal the federal law that would have required a 3 percent withholding from payments owed to engineering firms and other government contractors.


Effective Writing

Here are some helpful writing  tips from ACEC/MA's Effective Writing class.


UCANE vs. Fall River--What Does This Mean for Engineers?

Why you should advise your public owner about having their contractor selection process reviewed by legal counsel to assure they are aligned with the Fall River decision. 


ACEC/MA Program Committee--Employee Benefits: Generational Differences

An update from our November program about human resource issues facing our member firms. 


What Have We Done For You Lately?

ACEC/MA works hard to protect and promote your business in a variety of ways.


Upcoming Events--Save the Date

Our events planned for March through June 2012.


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