ACEC/MA Insights - Summer 2017 Issue

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ACEC/MA Insights - Summer 2017 Issue
Highlights of This Issue:
Meet Our Incoming President - Mike Scipione
- Get to know our 2017-18 ACEC/MA President
Can You Teach an Old Firm New Tricks?
- A Traditional Firm Breaks The Mold With A Bold New Growth Vision
Engineering Excellence Awards Entry Form Link
- Entry Forms Due October 2
ACEC/MA Education Corporation Scholarship Application Link
- Appllications Due February 2, 2018
President's Message from Mark Bartlett, PE, 2016-17 ACEC/MA President
- End of FY2017 Recap


Photos from the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program Graduation


Photos from the ACEC/MA 2017 Annual Celebration

  • What Has ACEC/MA Done for You Lately?
  • ACEC/MA News and Notes
  • New Members
  • Upcoming Events--Save the Date  


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