ACEC/MA Insights - October 2011 Issue

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ACEC/MA Insights - October 2011 Issue


Highlights of this Issue:


President’s Message
Mary Hall outlines ACEC/MA’s Strategic Plan for this year.


Supplier Diversity:  It's Not Just the Law, It's Good Business

Small businesses with niche capabilities can be part of multiple teams....fulfilling vital roles on many contracts.


De-Mystifying Subcontractor Insurance Requirements:  Establishing a Corporate Policy

Companies should have an umbrella liability insurance policy that provides additional insurance and limits as excess over the general liability, automobile liability and employer's liability section of the worker's compensation policy. 


Can Municipalities Afford the Costs Imposed by New EPA Stormwater Regulations?

Determination of outside funding mechanisms will be critical to meeting the demands of the new regulations.


Want to Get Involved?

Learn what our Committees and Forums are doing and sign up to participate:


A Seat at the Table: Communications Committee

The committee....engineers with technical well as individuals with professional backgrounds in always seeking new members that have creativity, enthusiasm and the desire to bring an issue from concept to reality.


Benchmark Diversity Survey—ACEC/MA Needs Our Members to Participate
ACEC/MA is committed to promoting workforce and leadership diversity in engineering companies throughout the state.  Please participate in a Benchmark Template specifically for our industry.


What Have We Done For You Lately?

ACEC/MA works hard to protect and promote your business in a variety of ways.


Spotlight:  Mary Hall, PE

About ACEC/MA's 2011-2012 President.


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