ACEC/MA Insights - March 2011 Issue

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The ACEC/MA Insights March 2011 Issue is now available


ACEC/MA Insights - March 2011 Issue



  • President’s Message: We promote the business environment by providing advocacy and resources that enhance and advise the engineering industry.
  • Smart Dollars and Holistic Green: Environmental sustainability is a continuous process that involves a different way of thinking, consistent learning loops and active participation. 
  • Effective Communication Part 2: Building Strong Team Relationships: Dialogue is a conversation style that fosters learning, collaboration, open communication and teamwork.
  • CSI: The Sales Meeting: Analyzing the “scene” of a sales meeting can help offer clues for turning those meetings into quality prospects. 
  • Legal Implication in the Use of Social Networking: Adopting and enforcing a firm-wide, carefully drafted technology use policy will help minimize a firm’s liability risk.