ACEC/MA Government Affairs Update: August 2017

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ACEC/MA Government Affairs Update:  August 2017


Next ACEC/MA Government Affairs Committee Meeting:  August 25, 2017

10 AM at Aldrich Center at The Engineering Center.

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ACEC/MA Bill Tracking Report - July 28, 2017


New MBTA GM/CEO Announced

Luis Manual Ramírez, who handled a $3.5 billion line of business for General Electric and runs his own turnaround consulting firm based in Texas, will start on September 12 as the new general manager and CEO of the MBTA, charged with bringing "transformative and lasting change" to the transit agency.



Congresswoman Niki Tsongas announces she is not running for re-election

On August 9. 2017, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas announced that she would complete the remainder of her current term, but would not be seeking re-election.  



Governor Files $59.5 Million Spending Bill

Nearly $60 million in additional spending, mostly to cover already incurred snow and ice management costs, would be authorized for FY2017 (ended 6/30/17), under a bill Governor Charlie Baker filed on August 2. In addition to $50.4 million for snow and ice removal, the supplemental budget bill includes $3 million for a youth violence prevention program in cities, $4.7 million for National Guard tuition and fee waivers, and $427,000 for district attorneys. The Governor also called for the use of $1 million from the Marine Recreational Fisheries Development Fund to build a fishing pier at Deer Island and urged for the adoption of spending requests he made in February, such as $20.4 million for sheriffs, $2.2 million in Saltonstall Building lease costs, an additional $4 million in National Guard tuition and fee waivers, and $250,000 for contractually mandated human resources training. Governor Baker indicated that sufficient revenues are estimated to be available to fund the new spending. The bill also includes three sections making substantive changes to the new FY2018 budget that Baker describes as "authorizing a $5 million reserve for the implementation of an employer contribution to health care, advancing MassHealth savings by requiring commercial insurers to make more detailed certifications on the coverage of community-based behavioral and mental health services for children, and authorizing the [Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination] to spend $600,000 more from federal funds. 


The state received nearly 50 bids last week for its request for proposals (RFP) for clean energy projects to fulfill the requirements of a 2016 energy law that mandates Massachusetts utilities procure 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind and 1,200 megawatts of new hydropower, solar and land-based wind by 2027. Bids were due July 27 for clean energy generation projects and the RFP focused mainly on energy not derived from offshore wind. As of midday Wednesday, state officials had posted details of 46 RFP responses on a website hosting information about clean energy projects, but details of some bids were spread earlier by the submitters. The RFP issued in March by the Department of Energy Resources called for distribution companies and bidders to enter "cost-effective long-term contracts" by 2022 and encouraged projects that can "commit to begin deliveries prior to the end of 2020 to maximize the Commonwealth's ability to meet its Global Warming Solution Act" requirements.The GWSA set legal requirements that the state must meet in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.The law requires emissions by 2020 that are 25 percent lower than 1990 levels, and 2050 emissions that are 80 percent below 1990 levels. In 2014, emissions were 21 percent below 1990 levels, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection. The RFP sets a timetable for next steps towards procurement: projects that distribution companies choose to negotiate with are to be selected by Jan. 25, 2018 and the long-term contracts are to be submitted to the Department of Public Utilities for approval by April 25, 2018. In a separate RFP based on the 2016 energy law, Massachusetts electric utilities are seeking to procure 1,600 megawatts of new offshore wind to complement the land-based projects.


July 27, 2017 PE and PLS (EN) Board of Registration Meeting

Massachusetts Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors


Continuing Education Policy in 250 CMR:
July 27, 2017 PE and PLS (EN) Board of Registration Meeting
At the July 27 Board meeting, the Board discussed these issues:
  • Recommendation of the Continuing Professional Competency Committee regarding the implementation of regulations to require mandatory continuing education. The CPC Committee's recommendation including 18 PDHs for continuing education in each 2 year license period, but no audit requirement. MALSCE President Paul Foley, PLS, submitted a support letter and spoke at the meeting along with ACEC/MA and BSCES representatives. 
  •  -   After some discussion, the Board decided to delay taking a formal vote on the recommendations for a maximum of 90 days, with the Board planning to discuss this again on August 17, 2017. 
  • Board Counsel Sheila York presented her Legal Report which included a draft policy regarding Early Examination Takers and how to handle Comity requests by out of state early exam takers.  This draft policy will be refined for review at the August 17 Board meeting.
  • Discussion of this policy was tabled until a future meeting: Update on Policy regarding the use of the title Engineer
  • Executive Director Clinton Dick presented his Report, including reports of Licenee Discipline in Other Jursidictions
  • Next Board of Registration Meeting 

    The next meeting of the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors is expected to be on August 17, 2017 at 9:30 AM.  This meeting is expected to include a discussion of the recommendations of the Continuing Professional Competency Committee regarding the potential implementation of regulations on mandatory continuing education in Massachusetts. TECET Webpage with more information.

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This question is expected to be on November 2018 Ballot.

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