DCAMM Updates: Contracts, Changes to Negotiated Fee

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DCAMM Updates:  Contracts, Changes to Negotiated Fee

Summary of the key updates to the new contracts


DCAMM (Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance) has updated its Study and Design Contract and developed a new “House Doctor” Contract. Last year the Small Projects Team implemented a new house doctor contract form, which was developed with input from industry partners.  Having received positive feedback on this form, DCAMM prepared a general template House Doctor Contract using the same format. Updates have also been made to corresponding provisions in the Study and Design Contract to keep the terms consistent.


The updated Study and Design Contract and the House Doctor Contract are now available on the DCAMM website (see links below).  A template Design Phase Amendment, which includes a draft Design Phase Scope of Services, is also posted, to help clarify the typical expectations of the Design Phase Basic Services.


Please also note that DCAMM is moving from a fixed percentage fee for final design/construction (typically advertised at the study designer selection phase) to a negotiated fee. This will apply to new contracts only per the advertisement through the Designer Selection Board.  


DCAMM is eliminating the $150/hourly rate cap for extra services.  Please note this is no longer required, even on existing contracts.


Attached please find a summary of the key updates to the new contracts.  Below are links to the contracts on DCAMM's  website. 


1) Contract for Study, Final Design, and Construction Administration Services



2) Sample Design Phase Amendment including Draft Attachment G – Design Phase Scope of Services



3) Rider for Design Phase Services Only



4) Contract for House Doctor Services